MRCPsych Forensic

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Ace your MRCPsych examination of Royal College of Psychiatrists with the help of apps developed by PSYCHPASS.COM
This app contains:
100 best of five MCQs written specifically for FORENSIC PSYCHIATRY for PAPER 3 of MRCPsych Examination.
You will have ability to Save the MCQs where you left off. In the end you will be presented with the net score and percentage. You will also have the opportunity to do the wrong answers until you master them all. Once downloaded, you don’t need internet connection to run the app.
Don’t waste a single minute. The more MCQs you do more will be the chances of passing your exam. Now you can do the MCQs when you are waiting for patient in your outpatient clinic, in your car while your wife is doing grocery inside the store, on the toilet seat, in your bed and almost everywhere. Just do them.
Remember it is a tough exam but worth passing and therefore you deserve an edge.
Please watch out for other topics in this series for different MRCPsych papers by finding the link on the left side of this page.